Sabarimala: Today’s Kurukshetra for Hindus

Sabarimala: Today’s Kurukshetra for Hindus

A handful of people from the unelected body of Bharat sitting in the chairs of Supreme Court as judges are running as a Sharia Court and attacking Hindu Dharma viciously. No matter, its Ram Mandhir in Ajodhya or doing Pooja worship in Ujjain or chanting OM in Amaranth.. Hindus have been only in the receiving end.

Tipping point came when the Judges working in hand in hand with Christian missionaries supported Congress party and Jihadi supported communist step in to destroy Sabarimala temple, just because it is Hindu temple.

Sabarimala Ayyapan temple attracts more than 30 million Hindu pilgrims on yearly basis.  In this temple Swamy Ayyapan is Naishtika Brahmachari and blessing the

devotees and their loved ones. So this temple follows certain norms.  This temple has a special season that spans of three months.  The period generally falls between November15th to January 20th. For the remaining part of the year, the temple remains open only for the first five days of the month.

Pilgrims who go to this temple do 41-days fast and Pooja of austerity and abstinence in the lives of those seeking a complete merger with the Ultimate after he gains permission from his Guru. A devotee has to abide by several regulations and dictates if he is to mount the “pathinettu padikkal” (Holy 18 steps) and enter the temple on Sabarimala.

Here women who are going through the menstrual cycle don’t go as they cannot finish uninterrupted Pooja and also because of the Brahmacharya Vratham vote taken by Swami Ayyappan in this temple alone. So women between age 10 and 55 don’t go. You should also know there are other Ayyappan temples where women can go.

Hindu women have no problem and they treat Swami Ayyappan as their son/brother/dad/lord and they celebrate and worship. The issue is the Anti Hindu Court took this matter in hand and ordered any one can go.

Let us take a break here and expose the double standard of the court and show how they are attacking Hindus and Dharma.  Court dismisses plea to allow women in mosques on pattern of Sabarimala verdict giving some lame excuse. War is only on Hindus. There are few temples that don’t’ allow men also. But that’s not the problem for the vested interest, but their attack is to destroy Hindu Dharma and all our belief and helping the missionaries and Jihadi for conversion.

This can be proved by the fact by presenting the list of women the communist Govt of Kerala was trying to take into the temple by dressing them up like cops.  Their names are Rehana Fathima, Kavitha Jakkal, Mary Sweety. You may wonder what Fathima and marry has to do with Ayyappan temple.  And Kavitha Jakkal is a liberal journalist who certainly carries Hindu name conveniently.  Why Congress party in the name of anti Modi partnership along with Communist Govt of Kerala was so series in sending the Muslim, Christian and Atheist women into the temple?  Also before they enter like cops the devotees came to know about it and also came the news that they were trying to get inside the Sabarimala Ayyappan temple to through used sanitary napkins on the face of the Lord. This was supported by the ruling party of Kerala with the support of the principle opposition party. All this is to promote conversion and unrest.

Hindus woke up this time.  One of the liberal activists who came from Mumbai to break the rule of the temple to Kerala has to leave back as no cabs will take her and no hotel will accommodate her. Enemy thought, Hindus will never unite and never fight. Kerala disproved their calculations.

Millions of men and women of Kerala came out to road for the first time to protect Dharma and stand for our beliefs.  Many activists have been arrested and kidnapped to unknown locations by the state government police.  Devotees were hit like criminals.

Keep in mind, the same lobby that made sure older women, children and men devotees were hit like animals on the other hand made sure the Islamic terrorists in the jail gets their biriyani for food.  Also they supported the terrorists who threw stones and hurt our army in Kashmir.  But Hindus cannot expect that luxury.  Their sin is only being a devotee and following Dharma..

Kerala government along with principle opposition party Congress and their leadership take instruction from Vatican, trying to destroy the Sabarimala temple and all other temples in their war against Hindus.

Kerala Govt. also calls Sabarimala temple as secular temple and want to take advice from Christian missionary and Jihadi groups on how to run the temple.  You should also know, Kerala govt. actively uses the money that’s being offered by the devotees in the hundi for conversion and Anti-Hindu work.

Even one old lady was arrested as she was on the way to the hill shrine carrying irumudikkettu (bundle carrying sacred offerings) to offer prayers. Many other devotees have been taken into preventive custody and tortured.  But the political parties and communist Govt. of Kerala should now realizing that the devotees are ready to shed their blood but not to quit their dharma. Also they are realizing that they put a misstep in waking up a sleeping giant.

Today Sabarimala in Kerala is the new Kurukshetra for Hindus. If we don’t’ stand fight to protect our Dharma, tomorrow we may get eaten away and nothing will be left out.  This Kurukshetra will let the unelected activist judges know that they are not the dictators of Bharat. Politicians will learn, Hindus are not going to be sleeping and get treated like a second class citizens in their own country.

Let’s join hands with all of us to Save Sabarimala today, Share this post and bring awareness.. Pass on your support to our brothers and sisters who are fighting to keep the Dharma alive. Take part in this Kurukshetra.. like Sri Krishna said, you are either with Dharma or with Adharmies and there in nothing in-between. Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa


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  • Anurah , November 19, 2018 @ 10:00 pm

    It’s so true..India is psuedosecular with Hinduism being badgered by Vatican based groups and islamist gangs .

    • netultim2 , November 19, 2018 @ 11:21 pm

      Saranam Ayyappa !!

  • Sutinder Sharma , November 19, 2018 @ 11:12 pm

    Court had no business to interfere in this subject. We cannot change the age old tradition and religious practice of the Sanatan Dharma. Let us stand against the court decision.
    Let us not allow the agents who want to pull down Hindus to succeed in this wrong decisions of courts. Unity of all Hindus is urged.

    • netultim2 , November 19, 2018 @ 11:20 pm

      Saranam Ayyappa !!

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