PM Modi welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping in traditional Tamil attire !!

PM Modi welcomes Chinese President Xi Jinping in traditional Tamil attire !!
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1st Tamil PM of Bharat !! Thanks Modi Ji !!

In Tamil Nadu’s traditional attire, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was all smiles as he received Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mamallapuram near Chennai. Dressed in a cream coloured dhoti, a half sleeve white shirt and a long angavastram on his left shoulder, Modi welcomed Xi at Arjuna’s Penance and personally took him on a tour around the UNESCO world heritage site.

Modi explained to Xi the cultural importance of the monuments like Arjuna’s Penance, Krishna’s Butterball and Pancha Rathas. The two leaders took a stroll in the site enjoying the architectural marvel before sitting for a tender coconut near the Pancha Rathas. Later, both Modi and Xi got introduced to each of their delegates.

Xi, who arrived in Chennai and drove down to Mamallapuram with his retinue, was also casually dressed in a white shirt and black trousers. Before going for the special dinner at the shore temple, the two leaders watched a cultural performance by Kalakshetra foundation Which was done to explain Ramayana and Mahabharata with various South Indian Classical dances. With President Xi, Indian PM Modi Enjoyed the art and architecture of Tamil Nadu along with traditional food immensely.

The second informal summit between Modi and Xi is likely to address a range of issues including trade, boundary disputes, multilateral cooperation and the issue of Kashmir, which will shape the relationship between the two countries. As the two leaders sit down for dinner on Friday, sources say, there might not be any discussion on these topics. But during the meeting scheduled for Saturday, sources say, trade issues, boundary disputes and multilateral cooperation will come up.

We Wish and and Pray both Bharat and China will get back to their roots and relationships we had for thousands of years before the communist regime in China and Congress family rule in India.


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