Please donte to Priest Sri Kumar to get Liver transplant and take care of his family & Dharma

Please donte to  Priest Sri Kumar to get Liver transplant and take care of his family & Dharma

Sri Kandala Anand Kumar is a priest from local temple in Khammam, Telangana, Bharat and lives with his wife and Two small sons of very young family. He is in critical condition and needs a liver Transplant ASAP to be alive. It is a major surgery with excellent results which will bring back his life and wonderful dreams and hopes to this young family.

Having worked with many transplant recipient myself, I can attest how this procedure saved many lives and allowed to live a normal life again. Organ donation is a great and Godly service. Lets all help each other in any way possible and get blessed abundantly.

Sri Kandala Anand Kumar aged only 36 years has been suffering from Chronic Liver Disease and was advised for Liver Transplantation at the earliest as there is no option to survive other than transplantation. Being a a priest (Purohit) and born in priests family and running a life of a true Brahman, financially very poor and he can get through this difficult time and again live a normal life and take care of the temple and his family.

The transplantation process itself costs more than 35 Lakh INR, which would be difficult for them to manage by them self without helping hands support. Even after surgery he has to be on bed rest for about 4+ months with balanced vitamin food & medication. We solicit our friends, family and all those people with generous heart and those with Dharma Chinthan to support this poor family.

While Sri Kumar has the option of getting a transplant at the Global Hospital in Hyderabad India, it will be very expensive. Please, if you can, pledge any amount to save this young man’s life. Furthermore please spread this man’s story to friends and family. God bless you all LOKA SAMASTHA SUKUNOBHAVANTHU.

Here is a great opportunity for to help a poor priest and earn the good karma and also to save his family and Dharma at the same time. I know this person in person and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact any time. This is God’s gifted time for us to show our generosity and to transfer any possible amount to his wife’s account and share me transaction # (if possible). Details are given below. Keep in mind.. No help is too small or too big.. Please come forward to help this poor family and get blessed abundantly.

Bank Account Details: ,
A/C # 154910100027323
IFSC Code: ANDB0001549


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