No More Statutes for Anti Nationals, Terrorists & Mass Murderers: Bharat had enough

No More Statutes for Anti Nationals, Terrorists & Mass Murderers: Bharat had enough

Lets dive into the issue of pulling down of the Lenin statue in Thiripura and vandalizing of E.V.Ramasamy (called as periyar (old guy in Tamil)) in Tamil Nadu after toppling of Leftist communist government from Thiripura as the victory celebration was happening.

Communist have the culture of holding umbrella when it rains in China or matter where they live. Same story in Bharat too. These goons couldn’t accept one Indian freedom fighter or a religious leader as a hero but will install statues for the Mass murderer Lenin.. Because of their diesis, they can see you only if you are from Russia or China or from North Korea at least.

Believe it or not.. Lenin, the architect of Red Terror, political repression and mass killings in Russian Civil War in 1918 has status and done a hero worship in Communist (now only one state left) ruled states of India. During this period of Lenin in Red Terror, Estimates for the total number of people killed during the Red Terror for the initial period of repression are at least 10,000. The most accurate estimations for the total number of killings put the number at about 100,000.  Unofficial Estimate goes to a total execution of more than 200,000 people.

Hero and statue worship for a foreign mass murderer by Communist is shameful. Lenin wrote “Comrades! The kulak uprising in your five districts must be crushed without pity … You must make example of these people. (1) Hang (I mean hang publicly, so that people see it) at least 100 kulaks, rich bastards, and known bloodsuckers. (2) Publish their names. (3) Seize all their grain. (4) Single out the hostages per my instructions in yesterday’s telegram. Do all this so that for miles around people see it all, understand it, tremble, and tell themselves that we are killing the bloodthirsty kulaks and that we will continue to do so … Yours, Lenin. P.S. Find tougher people.”

People of Thiripura Celebrated the day of victory of Good over the evil after toppling the decades long communist regime by breaking and toppling the mass murder from Russia, Lenin statue..

On the south end of Bharat where an antinational who celebrated a Indian Independence by waving black flag E.V.Ramasamy on whose hero worship Tamil Nadu politics was running so far was broken and vandalized. Defending that stand by these anti nationals, current leader of DK (Dravidar Kazhagam) Veeramani says his organization had a legitimate right to oppose the departure of the British from the country at that point of time as they left without settling the issue of casteism. “DK followers will not participate in the Independence day celebrations. They will boycott it,” he quotes E.V.Ramasamy as saying in a statement on August 9, 1947.

E.V.Ramaswamy and his knuckle heads had always Hindus and Hindu rituals as paid coolies of Christians and Muslims. These goons even had hit Sri Ram deity with sandals and doing scared thread function for pigs and removing Mangal Suthra from married women and more. Tamil Nadu had enough of these goons and the political parties’ hero worship.

Ex-CM of Tamil Nadu Ms.J.Jayalalitha later cut these guys to size and left them as boneless worms. These anti nationals are trying to lift their head after her sudden death by using the money power and support given by Christian Missionaries and Muslim Jihadhi groups.

As posted in Facebook by the Hindu Nationalist Party BJP National Secretary  Sri H. Raja,  warned the pulling down of a statue of Russian Communist leader Lenin in Thiripura, where the BJP scored a massive victory in the Assembly elections, and said, “Today it is Lenin in Thiripura, tomorrow in Tamil Nadu (it will be) casteist Periyar’s statue.”

As soon as that post was getting viral before he deleted it because of the back lash and Sri H.Raja also explained the post was done by his FB admin and not by him personnaly..  Already the statue of anti national..who wanted to remain slave to British than getting freedom and enemies of Hindus E.V.Ramasamy was vandalized..

Very interesting thing to note is the roll of the so called 3rd pillar of democracy.. “Fake Media”.  Fondly called as PressTitues or Fake Media, which had no time to cover the 1000s of murders done by Christian missionaries in the so called mercy home for body part selling and bone selling and the arrest of its head “Father Thomas” is doing News trading by linking Sri H.Raja and vandalization of E.V.Ramasamy statue. Sri H.Raja has already distanced himself from the Facebook post along with his party and said “Views should be confronted by views only and not by violence”.

People are rejecting Media and their narrative.  Celebrities talks and punch lines are falling flat in front of the people.. In fact you can see this trend all over the world. In USA, Mr.Donald Trump and people were on one side and the Media and Elites were on opposite side.  Now these News traders and Liberal elites are frustrated.  They know what they propagate is not being heard or respected by people.

You can feel the under current all over the country. Upraising of people is happening all over Bharat.  They send the anti nationals, communists of Thiripura who urinated in the mouth of an activist for saying “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” packing..  Have a strong feeling.. Each one of these anti nationals who want to destroy the Nation, peace and our culture will be sent packing very soon.  Every citizen of Bharat is starting feel the pride that made Bharat as one of the strongest nation, Society and Dharma for 1000s of years. I can see good time coming.. Hope you are too.. Jai Sri Ram !!  Bharat Mata Ki Jai !!


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  • Nalini Iyengar , March 7, 2018 @ 10:50 pm

    Thank you for the post. Hope many people read this and understand that there is nothing wrong in destroying the statues of anti nationals.

    • netultim2 , March 8, 2018 @ 11:02 am

      Thanks for your comment Ji. we have to fight together else will get skinned and eaten like a banana

  • ashok , March 9, 2018 @ 2:04 am

    Such a bold and true article about culprits who projecting tamilnadu as land of E. V.R..

    • netultim2 , March 9, 2018 @ 9:21 am

      Thanks Ashok Ji.. Keep in mind sir Ji… One cannot fool all for ever.. People are waking up. Jai Sri Ram

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