Modi Govt. builds Hindu Colony of 250 homes – For Hindu Refugees in Myanmar

Modi Govt. builds Hindu Colony of 250 homes – For Hindu Refugees in Myanmar
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In Rakhe district of Myanmar Indian #Modi Govt. builds #HinduHousingColony of 250 homes & helps Hindu #refugees who lost it all …in #Rohingya Jihadi fight to settle down. Check out the beautiful 2 room kitchen homes of the colony in this video.
Also Youth Hindu activist of Myanmar Sri Shubam walks us through the home and colony and you will love to see how much the Hindus are thankful to both Modi Govt. and Bharat for helping them to have a roof on the head.

Important problem the refugees in the colony were still facing was for drinking water. Already during the meeting with Sri Shubam, Consulate General of Indian Consulate in Myanmar has pre-approved for five water bores and pumps immediately to solve their sufferings. This is our New India.. our Brothers and Sisters and children shall have that protection of Bharat. They need us and we need them !!

Check out this video and learn about the great work done my Modi Ji Govt. in Myanmar helping our Hindu brothers, sisters and children.. We at Bharat Marg are proud of Modi Ji Govt. and the good work done by them. I’m sure you are too.. Check this video..react.. comment.. share and write a word of appreciation to the Govt of Bharat and also for our brothers and sisters who are seeing some good days after being the target of Jihadi terrorism for a long time. Jai Sia Ram !! Jai Bharat !!


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