Maa Bharathi Welcomes her Brave Son – Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman

Maa Bharathi Welcomes her Brave Son – Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman.. Today a hero of Bharat and son of a decorated IAF veteran was captured by Pakistan after his jet went down following a strike by an enemy missile. Details of the aerial combat on Wednesday morning suggest the combat pilot locked and fired at a Pakistani F16 target along the Line of Control.

Engagement started when at least ten Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft were seen heading for military targets along LOC. A combat air patrol, which had at least two MiG-21 Bison fighter jets and Su-30MKI fighters, was launched from the Indian side to engage them.

Varthaman managed to let off a short-range R73 missile against an intruding F16, which brought it down. During the engagement, his MiG-21 crossed LOC to retain the locking on the target and was shot down either by a surface-to-air missile or another Pakistani jet. Pakistani jet was twin-seated and that the fighter formation had taken off from three different bases. It was engaged by our MiG-21 Bison fighter and was hit during a fierce dogfight.

In Horra’n village, located barely 7km from the Line of Control (LOC) at about 8:45am on Wednesday “smoke and sound” made the locals there realize that a dogfight was going on up above in the sky. Two aircraft had caught fire but while one of them sped across the LOC, the other burst into flames and came down speedily.
Its wreckage fell on a deserted field. A parachute descended towards the ground, which made landing in that area. Indian Wing Commander emerged out of the parachute safe and sound.
He was equipped with a pistol, asked the mob who had gathered near him whether it was India or Pakistan. On this, one of them responded that it was India. He later shouted some slogans and asked which place exactly it was in India. To this, the same boy responded that it was Qilla’n.
Abhinandan told them that his back was broken and he needed water to drink. Some emotional youth, who could not digest the slogans, shouted Pakistan army zindabad. On this, Abhinandan shot a fire in the air while the youths picked up stones in their hands.
The commander ran a distance of half a kilometer in backward direction while pointing his pistol towards the youths who were chasing him.
During this brisk movement, he fired some more gunshots in the air to frighten them but to no avail. Then he jumped into a small pond where he took out some documents and maps from his pockets, some of which he tried to swallow and soaked others in water saving all the top secrets he had without going into enemy’s hand.
The youths kept on asking him to drop his weapon and in the meanwhile one boy shot at his leg. Finally, he came out and said he should not be killed. The youth got hold of him at both arms. Some of them roughed him up, in a fit of rage, while others kept on stopping them.
In the meanwhile, army personnel arrived there and took him into their custody and saved him from the enraged mob, he said.
However, before being captured by the Pak soldiers, this India’s brave hero gave a tough time to the unruly mob of Pakistani youths.
He was then taken to an army installation in Bhimber in a convoy of military vehicles. As the convoy passed through Khalil Chowk of Bhimber city, some 50km away from Horra’n, it was greeted by dozens of locals standing on both sides of the road. They showered rose petals on the military vehicles, amid slogans like Long Live Pakistan army, Long Live Pakistan Air Force, Long Live Pakistan and Long Live Kashmir.
Later Pakistan Public Relations agency released videos of Abhinandan at some Pak detention centre. The latest video showed him calm and collected, drinking a cup of tea in front of his interrogator. He was heard saying that he was being treated well by Pakistani military personnel. However, he was seen politely evading questions about his hometown and his mission. This video where he so composed and talking bravely with the enemy with eye to eye contact earned him the entire price.
Using this as a bargaining chip Terror (PAK)Istan wanted to bring Bharat to the talk table so that they can keep continuing the terrorist harboring activities with no fear.. But got snubbed by the strong political leadership of Bharat.
Our salute to a true brave heart Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman. With a Mig-21 Bison of the 1960s era that was never upgraded by the previous Congress UPA Govt, he shot down a Pak’s F-16 a 4th generation American aircraft. This is a great feat in the Indian annals of air warfare.
Bharat was totally prepared to go to war if they did not hand him over. Pak told other countries that the Indian Navy was closing in on Karachi and Indian tanks and formations were moving to the border. In fear Pak blinked quickly and told before Indian generals meet at 5PM, Pak PM Imran Khan announced Abinandhan Varthaman released and came back to Bharat the next day.
1.3 Billion people of Bharat were exited to receive and see their hero. But at the climax Terror(PAK)Istan delayed as much as they can from the release time of 12 noon to 9 PM and made videos of the hero pilot, where you can clearly see there were more than 40 cuts in few mins video and released that un professional video to say how much our hero Abinandhan hates Bharat.
Will the terrorists ever know, A hero is a hero because of his passion to serve his country and passion? Will they ever know, no one in the world will believe 40 cut video that was taken insulting the mother land of the hero.. We heard stories of Veer Shivaji and Today we could see through our Brave Wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman .
As he came back as a champion to the mother land people around the country and Hindustanis around the world were in tears of joy and excitement.
Right away after receiving and welcomed by patriotic people and his own family that came from Tamil Nadu all the way.. He was taken right away to Delhi to the military hospital for checking and other protocols. Lets take this moment to say thanks to all our brave hearts and pray for their safety and success.
We take this moment to thank all our bellowed Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi for doing whatever it takes along with foreign minister Smt. Suhsma Swaraj and defense minister Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman to get Lion back from the fox den. We at Bharat Marg will assure you.. Best is yet to come.. Stay tight !! Stay united !! We can get much bigger things accomplished. Bharat Mata Ki Jai !!


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