Lets take over Mathura & Kashi – In Style Just Like Baba Bhagel Singh

Lets take over Mathura & Kashi – In Style Just Like Baba Bhagel Singh
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The Guru Ji was summoned to Delhi by Aurangzeb on a pretext, but when he arrived, he was offered, “to abandon his Dharma and convert to Islam”. Guru Tegh Bahadur refused, and he and his associates were arrested. He was executed on 24 November 1675 in public in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. … The Guru himself was beheaded in public.

Right after the Islamic regime built a mosque in the place where Guru Ji was executed to celebrate the  event and in memory of punishment given to the kafir. So that it can scar his followers, family and those who will see it will get the message loud and clear.

This was too much of an insult for brave Baba Bhagel Singh.  Baba didn’t go and beg or plead the Islamic regime of that day. Baba Bhagel Singh demolished the mosque into powder with canon fire and built Sis Ganj Gurudwara by Nov 1783. This is how the invaders and the Jihadi  ideology should be treated. This is how you reclaim a worship place in style from the Cave age Jihadi invaders. A lot to learn from our Gurus.

We all know after decades if not centuries of struggle, we got the back our Ram Lala Mandir that was destroyed and made into mosque by the Jihai invader Babar. We all are glad we got it back. But Ayodhya is only one of the 33,000 temples that were destroyed by the Islamic regime.

Next goal is Mathra (Krishna Janmaboomi ) and Kashi Vishwanth Ji Mandir !! Are we going to wait for another couple of generations to get that back after all the so called legal proceedings showing all the brith certification and other things or going to reclaim it like brave Baba Bhagel Singh?  Choice is ours.. Mathura and Kashi are ours.. Time is now. Give your comment, react.. share and wake up those Sanatan Dharmis who are still sleeping.. Jai Sia Ram !!



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