Learn about Sanatana Dharma And core values of worship places

Learn about Sanatana Dharma And core values of worship places

Hinduism or anything came out of Hinduism based Gurus like Buddha, Jain, Sikh or any out outfits are never a religion..They are part of Sanatana Dharma and it’s not a religion… It’s just a way of life. Sanatana Dharma means .. Oldest righteous way of living and not any religion.

Religion is a word invented to make business out of spirituality and it never existed before the Abrahamic religions. Sanatana Dharma is fully based on Science and Dharmic values. Each and every aspect of Sanatana Dharma can be explained scientifically.  Also all the Sanatana Dharma Gurus teachings are based on Science, Human values and effects of Karma.

Now let’s learn about worship places where Sanatana Dharma’s devotees go.. There is no compulsion like in Abrahamic religions that you got to go to worship places. As per our Dharma, God is within you and me and all.  When we say Namasthe it means.. I salute the God within you and then the other person say Namasthe back.. That means I salute the God within you too.

Also Worship places don’t demand you to give certain percentage of money as it is practiced in Abrahamic religions as it’s up to the wish of the devotees. In olden days before the Dharmic temples became the slave of British and now to State Gov. of India, the temples were fully supported by volunteering and it’s a culture engraved in us that give donations and do seva without any publicity.

Temples were very rich entities and center of providing employment and opportunities for the whole town and hence there is a proverb still that says “Never live in a place where there is no temple”. It can be seen in two ways.  One, you want live in a place close to Dharmic place and the other meaning is when you live in a place where there is no temple then there is no livelihood or opportunities there so don’t live there.

When you go to the temples you can feel the vibrations.  Temple will be silent place for you to sit and do mediate and pray at your won and also many times group prayers and lectures and discourse happens if anyone likes to participate. Also many times the Dharmic Gurus visit and explain and meet the devotees in the temple.  It’s a great place for anyone to pray and also to sit and mediate and more.  You also get fantastic Prasad in many temples after neivedham to God give for devotees to eat also.

Best part of the temple of Sanatana Dharma is the core of the temple. We are referring here the old and new temples that have been built by Agama Shastra and not the business places you may see newly cropping up now a days. Also in all these temples, you will also find all kind of animals and birds.. such as Bulls, Cows, Monkeys, Dogs and various other animals along with crow, Pigeon and other birds..  Devotees will be very excited to see them and will feed them as part of the prayer many times as Sanatana Dharma teaches to co-exist and not one-upmanship … You will also be surprised to see in many temples these animals and birds are worshiped.. Because they are not only considered equal but superior in many way and devotees worship them.

Also Its very common that you will find temples and worship in various parts of the temples for mother nature..  For trees, river and other water bodies and also to various planers and basic 5 elements of the universe.. Land, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky.. Flowers and fruits are considered very holly and offered to Gods and Gurus..

Every area and era of Bharat has its own style of Art and architecture that will be unique with the same Dharmic message and life.  Practice and Languages may be different in various parts of Bharat but the Dharmic way of living and the teachings for the welfare of the humanity will be same.

If you have never visited temples in Bharat, will highly recommend you to visit Incredible India … the legendary Bharat.. and also learn about Sanatana Dharma and the teachings of great Gurus by yourself…  A visit to Bharat will become a great memory in your life for sure


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  • Chither , January 4, 2019 @ 5:09 am

    Sikhi, Bhuddims are not a part of Sanatana Dharm, and no matter how many time you write it, it wont be true. Sikhs are a separate spiritual community. Your a moron.

    • netultim2 , January 5, 2019 @ 1:25 pm

      I’ll accept your words as you say the moment Gurus proclaim that we never believe in Rama, Krishna, Narayana and so we are removing these references from Guru Granth Sahib.. Not what Pak premi Khalistani says but Guru says is what we belive and follow.. but thanks for your input. Good try keep doing..

  • Gur , January 15, 2019 @ 2:58 pm

    Good job. Keep it up. They are ao desperate to prove that. They know that Sikhs and Bodhis are different from Hinduism but they, intentionally, will never accept it. Which in turn makes them morons as they if they are not capable of seeing how sikhism opposed the worship of the animals.

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