Krishna is Here.. Why to Fear ? – Govardhan Puja ki Shubhkamnaye !!

Krishna is Here.. Why to Fear ? – Govardhan Puja ki Shubhkamnaye !!
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Dev or Rakshas is not a sect.. when we bring the characters of Proudness, hate and those bad qualities in us.. we all become rakshas..  Innocent devotee never has those qualities.. because he/she knows.. with Krishna we are everything and without Krishna we are nothing.

Proudness of Dev Raj Indra was powdered !!

Lifted Govardhan Mountain to save innocent devotees

Krishna Nama Sankeerthanam… Sarva Papa Vimochanam…

Dev Raj Indra had proudness and also hate and jealous in his heart as people of Gokul loved Krishna more. He thought he can scare them to obey and pray him like any dictator do.  But Krishna had another plan. He wanted to destroy the qualities of rakshas in Dev Raj Indra and straighten him up.. so he can live an exemplary life.

Dev Raj Indra wanted to scare Krishna as any fool will always do, and poured the rain with scary thunder and dangerous lightning. People of Gokul were scared and ran to Krishna crying to save them..

Krishna Lifted the Govardhan mountain and let all the innocent living being inside and destroyed the bad qualities of Dev Raj Indra and brought him to the righteous path again.

Devotees even today go to Vrindavan and do parikrama of Govardhan Parvat (23 KM) bare foot.  The air that flows through this divine mountain sings Bhagwan Krishna’s name even today.  If you have never gone there so for.. it should be must watch place in your life calendar.  You can feel Krishna’s blessings all around you for sure.

Govardhan Puja ki Shubhkamnaye !!


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