Know Your Candidate – Faith Goldy

Know Your Candidate – Faith Goldy

In this Exclusive video interview for Bharat Marg in  Know Your Candidate segment,  Ms.Faith Goldy Candidate for Mayor of Toronto says she will be tough on crime and easy on tax.  Also she discusses all about, she getting checked out of the Toronto Mayor debate.. even though she is in No 3 in polling position. Also she says why Mr. John Tory made sure, she doesn’t present in the debate stage.. Also Ms.Faith Goldy opens about her feelings for Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Also answers the very question Are you a white Supremacist / Racist ? along with how the blacks, Hindus and other minority community will be treated if she becomes the mayor of Toronto.

Also Ms.Faith Goldy discuss about, how she will crack down on crime, illegal immigrants and gangs. She also discusses about her policy for business and economical growth and more in this must watch video interview.. Watch and share this no hold barred interview.. So that Torontonians can learn about this candidate Ms.Faith Goldy also, who was undemocratically checked out of debate stage.. so that people can never hear her and vote for their preferred candidate. Watch .. Share and let the democracy and free speech flourish..


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