Know Your Candidate – Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey

Know Your Candidate – Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey

My Major Accomplishments and few Disappointments as a Mayor of Brampton, opens up in “Know Your Candidate” segment of Bharat Marg Brampton’s current Mayor and Mayoral candidate Linda Jeffrey.

Brampton Got the Best & Perfect University and nothing to complain says Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey and justifies in this video. Do you agree? Also says, today’s Satellite University will be the pride of Brampton, Ontario tomorrow. Watch this “Know Your Candidate” Segment of Bharat Marg and Comment and share.

Brampton is open for Business & I have brought Business & Jobs here. I’m never satisfied. I’m not extemely happy with Ease of doing business in Brampton.. After this mayor election there will be a change in council and we can accomplish much more says Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey in her interview with Bharat Marg for “Know Your Candidate” segment. Check out the video interview.. comment and Share

I care for Brampton and its infrastructure.. In fact I was the one who extended 410 till Mayfield. I have a council that is not futuristic and with that drag.. I have done all the best I can. I’m happy with what I have done with Brampton infrastructure but not satisfied.. I want to do much more and I’m sure next term we will get much more accomplished says Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey in her exclusive video Interview in “Know Your Candidate” segment of Bharat Marg. Check it out .. comment and share..

I never support extremist elements for votes & I Work for Brampton and not for any group. I never promote one ethnic sect / group over the other.. I’m not involved and i have no need. I work for Brampton and its people and not for any other groups. Also Says, I have alywas worked to fund and equip police to check crimes..and illegal activities.. I do my best and yes we can always do better as a community. I’m not for random check at times some police do selectively depending on ones skin color. Brampton will be a non racial welcoming place and will improve much more in coming days says Brampton, Ontario Mayor and Mayoral candidate Linda Jeffrey

Carabram-Punjab Pavilion & My stand. In this Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey goes in detail. Says I never interfere with the function of the Carabram Board and If any one wants to start a pavilion, I ‘ll welcome that. We need more pavilions. Lets show case more of our Culture, Arts, Food..etc. I’m open for any new pavilions and so should be any one. Also says meeting me is very easy and I’m accessible to any one. Any one can invite me for any function and i’ll be glad to come and attend and talk with each one of you also says Mayor of Brampton. Check it out.. Comment and Share..

John Sprovieri you are the problem.. In fact you never got any creative work done for Brampton, Ontario, Also you made sure nothing gets done in the Brampton City Hall when you are around. When asked Ms Linda Jeffrey says John Sprovieri for Brampton Mayor will never happen. His wife wants him to retire.. He loves to retire.. and now I have a news for you john.. Brampton and its people wants you to retire.. so that the city can progress says Mayor of Brampton Linda Jeffrey. Check out her fierce video interview for “Know Your Candidate” segment in Bharat Marg

Mayor of Brampton Linda Jeffrey Slams Mr Patrick Brown. He is an Outsider from Barrie Ontario Loaded with scams & Scandals. Look for job in your own town.
Mr Patrick Brown still carries the baggage of sexual allegation, found guilty of lying, found guilty of lying to the integrity commissioner and he still being investigated for the nominations that happened in Hamilton. I don’t think Brampton need this kind of people. This will hurt the image of Brampton. Brampton voters are smart and they know, best predictor of your future behavior is your past behavior. Brampton deserves better and so you will be rejected says Brampton, Ontario Mayor Linda Jeffrey.
Check out this fierce interview of Ms Linda Jeffrey given exclusively to “Know Your Candidate” segment of Bharat Marg. Watch.. Comment and share..


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