Khalistan made in Canada Will be Islamic Republic !!

Khalistan made in Canada Will be Islamic Republic !!
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Khalistan made in Canada Will be Islamic Republic !! Any Suspected act of Islamophobia will be treated with iron hands as Islamophobia is a criminal act. Islam is a religion of Peace All those misunderstood may need mental treatment.. Pakistan will be one of our biggest ally for both trade and cultural exchange..

Will Jagmeet Singh and his buddies destroy the fabric of Canada while making Khalistan in Canada? After enjoying all the luxuries way of living in Canada / USA and other European Countries, it may be difficult for them to ride on Donkeys in Pakistan. They are not welcomed in India where these traitors will be kicked on the rear on going.

So they are left out with no other option but making Khalistan in Canada.. where, with the support of Liberals Sikh extremists can do almost anything in exchange for bulk votes they can get. Is Canada going through the conversion process already in the name of diversity and political appeasement?

Now itself in Canada, no one can win election in certain pockets like Brampton, Mississauga and then in west of Calgary, Vancouver BC, and now extending into Alberta. Other than this you have Islamic area in various parts of Canada where you cannot win an election without the support of Jihadi elements.. Where are we going really?

White community who really don’t want to be the part of this Khistani-Jihadi ghettos in Canada are moving to various other parts away from these pocket boroughs. But how long and far they can run before things go out hand in Canada if not already… Write your comment, react and share !!


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