Kamal Hassan says First Hindu Terrorist Godse – Mannargudi Jeeyar & Hindu community show him mirror

Kamal Hassan says First Hindu Terrorist Godse – Mannargudi Jeeyar & Hindu community show him mirror

In a Muslim dominated area of Tamil Nadu in Southern part of Bharat, Actor turned politician try to pacify the minority Islamic community who are majority in that location that you don’t need to worry about the terrorist tag.. I can stand with and say with you that the first terrorist of India was Hindu referring to Nathuram Godse.” Godse shot dead Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948 in New Delhi .

Everyone knows how much Actor Kamal Hassan who is a converted Christian as per many videos floating confirming the same has a strong anti-Hindu stand to be in good books of his Church masters in general. Now he needs votes from Muslims in that location.. so he goes a step forward and abuses the Hindu Sanatan Dharmic community which has opened arms for all religions including Christians, Muslims, Jews and more and have been prosecuted the most for centuries because of its secular credential as terrorist community.

Yes this can certainly make his bosses in Churches and missionaries happy.. Maybe he may end up getting few votes from Muslim community too.. And as usual Indian National Congress which has a jeans of Anti Hindu sentiments.. Piggy bagged on him and supported his Anti-Hindu statement and agreed and said yes Hindus are terrorists.. But this didn’t go well with the general public and even with some politicians.

Tamil Nadu Minister for Milk and Dairy Development and one of the leaders of ruling AIADMK Sri KT Rajenthra Bhalaji on said actor-politician Kamal Haasan’s tongue should be chopped for saying the first terrorist of independent India was a Hindu comment and also urged the Election commission to ban him from contesting election for this abusive racist remark.

Complaint was also filed some community leaders, saying the statement was intended to outrage religious feelings of millions of Hindus. The complaints urged the poll panel to invoke Article 324 of the Constitution and “restrict Haasan from campaigning for at least five days, lodge a FIR against him under respective sections of IPC and take steps to de-register his political party”.

BJP National Secretary and firebrand leader of Tamil Nadu Sri H Raja and BJP Tamil Nadu state president Tamilisai Soundararajan strongly condemned his words. Tamilisai had said that Kamal was “lighting a dangerous fire” to earn votes. Dr Subramanya Swamy also slammed Kamal Hassan for bad mouthing the majority community for petty politics and said Kamal Haasan’s Party funded by Christian Church Mafia and he is doing all to impress them.

Actor Kamal Hassan also had slippers thrown at him at various places. Even the religious Hindu Gurus are upset and they are clearly standing up against this goon and his Anti-Hindu propaganda..

Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamy came out very strong against this stooge and slammed this converted Christian Missionary stooge and said Actor Kamal Hassan is representing the Anti Hindu voice and he is being supported and funded by both Christian missionaries and ISIS Jihadi groups to abuse Hindus. Jeeyar Swami also urged the central Govt. to do a CBI inquiry on the entire dealings of this actor turned politician Kamal Hassan.

Also Mannargudi Jeeyar said, Godse has lost everything during the Partition of India and 1947 and was absolutely divested by the massacre of millions of Hindus and Sikhs by the Islamic forces and eliminated Gandhi as he was the reason for all this. What’s wrong in that he asked?

One thing is sure.. now the so called political elites and even the actors are realizing that they cannot take Hindus as punching bags to impress others and every action against Hindu will have equal and opposite reaction. Even though Madras High Court also rejected a plea to ban Kamal Haasan from campaigning.. Trouble for the kinds of Kamal Hassan is far from over.

Hindus also understand that these so called secular and self-proclaimed intellectual forces of Bharat are just Anti-Hindu forces. Now it’s time to be vigilant and take on these kind of bullies so that we can save our Desh and Dharma fearlessly.. Hindus.. Sanatan Dharmies.. Let’s join hands.. Time is now. Let’s take on this Anti Hindu bullies like never before to make things straight. Jai Sia Ram !!


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