Kalyug – Ram Neeti Vs Krishna Neeti to win !!

Kalyug – Ram Neeti Vs Krishna Neeti to win !!

Incredible Lesson !!  People understand when you talk in their own language.. Now People are getting frustrated that roads are getting blocked in the name Prayer every Friday irrespective of having their own Prayer facilities.. just to show their political might !! This Road blocking mafia has been going on for years as no elected official of the bureaucrats showed any courage in shutting them down .. as they feared they will be called anti-minority or racist or whatever the cool word may be…

Hindu community was frustrated with this road blocking mafias and decided to straighten up as some courageous youngsters started calling the community to come out to the road to read Hanuman Chalisa ( Glorious mantra of Bajrangbali ) on every Tuesday !! People turned to the road on the name of Hanuman ji and the traffic came to stand still..

It made the life of the Elected officials and bureaucrats easy.. and they strictly prohibited all religious prayers / worships on the middle of the road any time of day or night. So, now no one can do it and years of mess because of these religious / Friday Prayer Mafia was cleaned ones for all..

Moral is simple.. Fight fire with fire is the Krishna Neeti and that’s what will work with these mafias and goons who flux their muscle to show their power on weekly basis and inconvenient the people who travel on the day. Do you agree?  What do you say?  Comment and share your opinion..  Jai Bajrangbali !!


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