Japali Theertham Temple, Tirupati

Japali Theertham Temple, Tirupati

Recently we had gone to a Hanuman temple in Upper Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Usually when we go to Tirupati, we only know of Lord Balaji and Padmavati. But a few years ago my mother came to know of the Hanuman temple through her brother. She came with her brother and felt that the spiritual ambience here was amazing and decided to bring her family (us) here as it was quite unique and wasn’t a place to be missed.
We had to climb a lot of steps through dense forests as the temple lay on top of a hill. We enjoyed the scenery as there were tall trees and energizing greenery surrounding us. At the top of the exhausting climb, we found ourselves at the temple.
It was not huge, but neither was it small. The was a water tank where devotees could bathe and in front of it, the main sanctorum where the deity sat. The color orange was predominant in the temple as in North India it is believed that the application of Sindoor by a devotee is beneficial to them as Hanuman had innocently applied it himself when Sitadevi told him it blessed Lord Ram with a Long and prosperous life.
We entered the temple to find the deity looking quite different from anything we had seen in Tamil Nadu. Only his face (Orange with Sindoor) was visible as the rest of his body was covered in golden armor. This is Suyambhu Hanuman, meaning it wasn’t sculpted by human hands, but was formed naturally and was later revered and worshipped by humans.
We paid our obeisance and perambulated around the inner sanctum before departing. Outside we saw a few wooden maces (the weapon of Lord Hanuman) and a few men wielding it. Me and my dad twirled it around, and then left it. As we left went down, I rushed down, got my mom’s phone then rushed back up and took a few pictures.

This is a must visit temple. Many people have Dharshan of Balaji in Tirupati but never see anything more that that as they may not know these beautiful places. But when you go .. You certainly visit Japali Theertham Anjaneya Swami temple..  Will feel the blessings. Jai Bajrang Bali !!


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