Jamia Shooting – Setup or real?

Jamia Shooting  – Setup or real?
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Jamia Shooting – Setup or real? You decide by yourself. All we do here is reporting the event. Police standing back & watching movie !! Media Recording scene from front !! #AAP Kejriwal Improved much… No Slapping this Election… Only shooting !! Becoming Hi-Tech

Unplanned shooting will look like this? Is it an attempt to change the Jihadi discourse of Shaheen Bagh? A perfectly chosen charector for gun wielding man. Name Gopal, have Tuft (guchchha) and shouts Jai Sia Ram !! This sean cannot get more perfect to bash and bad mouth Hindus in this #JamiaShooting Drama.

Will the people Delhi can get tricked. Is BJP winning and #Kejriwal and other opposition getting desperate in Delhi? What say you? React..Comment and share to expose.


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