“India” The Space Super Power – Chandrayaan 2 Soft Landing in Moon

“India” The Space Super Power – Chandrayaan 2 Soft Landing in Moon

It’s an incredibly proud moment for every one with Indian Origin !! #Chandrayaan 2 soft landing in moon. I’m sure #Thirupati Balaji and other Gods and Goddess have showered their blessings on our ISRO scientist who visited Thirupati Temple and Mother Goddess Temple for Ashirwaad before the launch of Chandrayaan 2.

Also We shall be always thankful to Puri #Shankaracharya Ji for coming to #ISRO and discussing the Vedic astrology and helping with the right time of launch in auspicious time for success !! Also for Indian PM Sri Narendhra #Modi Ji for allocating all the needed resources and support to ISRO Scientist to make this happen.. We know Our dream of Manned mission to Moon by 2022 is absolutely done deal.. Last but not the least a big thanks to visionary and Ex-President of Bharat Dr Abdul Kalam who sowed the seed for this day and days to come.

Congratulations to all in this great time and May Gods bless our leaders and scientists with abundantly with success in the future endeavour also !! Jai Bharat .. Jai Hind !!


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