I can go to Kartarpur but not to Sharda Peeth !! Hinduphobia?

I can go to Kartarpur but not to Sharda Peeth !! Hinduphobia?
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Kartarpur Yes but Sharda Peeth No !! Hinduphobia? asks Ravinder Pandita (Head/ Founder SAVE SHARDA COMMITTEE KASHMIR) and says Hindus in a situation which can change only with devine intervention.

I could go to Kartharpur but looks dangerous when I want to go to Sharda Peeth to meet my mother is not acceptable and all Hindus should join to fight and All Shankaracharyas should take this cause and make this happen for us to go like other go to their worship plases in Pakistan and see our mother Sharda says Sri Ravinder Pandita !!  Click… Watch…. Comment and Share the video !!

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