Guru Nanak Langar.. Good Bye Hunger

Guru Nanak Langar.. Good Bye Hunger

Supporting the community with the mission, no one should be left out with hunger.. Guru Nanak Langar serves the community. Also involved in educating and supporting children in Bharat and more.  When we speak to them what astonished us was the fact, the families involved in this seva with no other agenda but to implement Guru Ji’s teachings to serve people with no expectation.

In fact they all work like any one of us throughout the week but in the weekend they stand in one place or the other serving the community. Happen to speak to the children who were involved in this seva and see how exited they are in serving people is beyond explanation..  Ms Sonia Sidhu MP was also talking about the good work being done by Guru Nanak Langar.

Watch this incredible video interview with Team and share with all  ” Guru Nanak Langar… Good Bye Hunger”


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