Goons run free in Lawless Brampton, Canada – See it to believe it !!

Goons run free in Lawless Brampton, Canada – See it to believe it !!

Check out this leaked exclusive video where the kids are surrounded by Punjabi Sikh Gang right at the main intersection of Bovaird and Bramalea in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and threatened to pull them out of the car and then smartly when these kids refuse to get out of the car but start calling police and their home.. This gang almost violently bang on car as if they are going to break it.

You can hear  voice of these kids almost shivering and you can hear them calling their parents for help and as per the advice in the mean time calling the police and finding difficult to get the line even.  A must see video for all parents and young adults who are driving to know how these kids handled the situation. Scary situation in Brampton for sure !!

At this moment Bharat Marg want to ask Peel Police, Brampton Mayor and all the Legislators & Lawmakers, Is Canada doing too much appeasement politics for the sake of votes?  whats the real solution. A city like Brampton where Alcohol, drugs and Goonism happen openly what plan you have?  Can Brampton and Canada can feel safe ever again?  or we should get used for this 3rd world type lifestyle here in Canada too?


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