Gayatri Homa(m) for Safety & Well being of Defence & Emergency Personals !!

Gayatri Homa(m) for Safety & Well being of Defence & Emergency Personals !!
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We at appreciate all the families whose family members are in defence force guarding the country from the tough terrains in the border area facing and taking on the enemies so that you and me can be free !! So do the emergency workers such as Doctors, Sweepers, Nurses, workers of the grocery and vegetable shops etc who put their life in the line to serve each one of us.

You might not know how big your sacrifices are doing, but the whole world knows. You are putting your life & life of your families at stake to help our community, country & the world. Your contribution means a lot. Bharat Marg’s heartfelt thanks to all the emergency & defence forces and your families.

Your families are worried. Why won’t they be? Anything can happen to you. This is why we are doing this Gayatri Homa(m)/ Havan / Yagna on 4th Aug 2020 for you and your family. Being one of the 21 Maha Shakti’s doing this Gayatri homa(m)/Havan will bring prosperity , happiness in abundance to you and also will put a ring of protection around you and your family members.

This Havan is done for all those in the Defence & Emergency forces and all those who are seeking blessings of Gayatri Mata. As this is freely done seeking the blessings and protection to our dear warriors and devotees please forward this message to as many as possible. We invite you and your loved ones to participate by sending the Name, Birth Star, Gothra, Rasi (Provide the details you know) and anything specific you are praying for you and your immediate family members.

You can participate in Gayatri Mata Havan by sending your details to Bharat Marg’s whatsapp number +1 647-964-4790 and attract shower of Blessings on you & protection around you & your family members. You can also whatsapp to +1 647 964 4790 regarding any questions you have regarding the havan and also to do Brahman Dhan, Gho Dhan & Anna Dhan during this special occasion and need details/clarifications regarding that also message us. Mata Gayatri shall bless you and your family abundantly.


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