Gajendra Moksham Story – Sthala Puran & Stotra

Gajendra Moksham Story – Sthala Puran & Stotra
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Gajendra Moksham Story on hearing all human sorrow vaporizes… says Bhagavatam !!  Know what made Bhagawan Narayana to come in emergency to save elephant Gajendra? How long did the fight happen between Gajendra elephant & Makara and where it happened?

Click & Watch to know all about Gajendra Moksham as explained in Bhagavatham… Experience the blessing and share with all !!

Gajendra Moksha Stotra when said or heard, all your worries vaporises as exactly happened to the mighty elephant Gajendra assures Bhagavatam. Click & Watch this beautiful sloka chanted by the mighty elephant on the edge of his life on seeing Bagawan Narayana and experience the blessings & share with all

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