Free Bus from Tirupathi – Tirumala – Tiruchanur

Free Bus from Tirupathi – Tirumala – Tiruchanur
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Free Bus from Tirupati – Tirumala – Tiruchanur. Hundi money from Balaji temple must be put to use to help poor and middle class devotees by giving free travel now. Jaganmohan Reddy can do this to gain the trust of Hindu devotees instead of taking the money home by siphoning to home as explained in the video. Check this video and share with all and bring awareness. Haj subsidy..Jerusalem subsidy and none for Hindus except our temples getting looted !!

TTD Board members numbers have increased drastically to strategically loot the balaji temple by Jaganmohan Reddy Govt of Andhra on top of using the Temple Hundi money for conversion by paying slary for pasters and providing subsidised ticket to Jerusalem. Check out this video to know all about the loot happening and why the Free bus should be provided to all devotees and share with all. Jai Balaji !!

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