Food Basket Program for Homeless people by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) Ashram

Food Basket Program for Homeless people by Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi) Ashram

Mata Amritanandamai Ashram in Canada by the name of Amma Canada is located in between the farms in a very silent place. When you get inside you can can feel nature blending with you and welcoming you inside the Amma Canada Ashram which is located in a hug landscape in between orchards of Apples, Cherries and peaches.  Ashram has its own Vegetable farm from where they pick the vegetables,  Honey haves from where they take honey in very organic way without disturbing the bees.and donate many time through their Bread Basket program and food supply they do the homeless people.

Ashram has a huge kitchen where many volunteers  can come and involve themselves in various process of the food donation process done by Amma Canada right from Vegetable picking or procuring cutting along with procuring bread and making soup and Veggie Chillies that they supply to George Town Bread Basket and to the Food banks.  Volunteers also  go with any extra food around Toronto providing to the homeless people.

Ashram has also a big Satsang hall where alternative Saturdays and on special occasions. In summer people come here to Amma Canada to buy organic Vegetables and honey and fruits which is produced in organic way supporting the good cusses for which the Asram stand for also.

We will recommend you to visit their website and if you are in the call them and fix an appointment and certainly go and meet them. You can also provide generous donations and service in the kitchen and thus helping in the process of Food distribution to the needy and be blessed.  People in the Ashram are very friendly.  We were served very tasty organically prepared Apple juice that was naturally done with no sugar from the apples picked from their own organic orchard that we can never forget.

As a whole, Amma Canada Ashram of Mata Amitanandamayi is place must visit to blend with Nature..for Satsang … and Service…When you come out of the Ashram you will feel the peace and blessing as how we felt for sure.


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