Elephant Rajendran – A Hero Lawyer and Selfless Social Activist

Elephant Rajendran – A Hero Lawyer and Selfless Social Activist

It was a great experience interviewing Sri Elephant Rajendran for Chat on Bharat Marg Program in Chennai, Bharat.  I was expecting a big talk and my way or show off kind from this big lawyer who have one many big cases not only for the animal rights, but also for the poor and helpless and also big time cases as Hindu activist… We will go in detail in the course of our video interview.

But we saw Sri Elephant Rajendran as a down to earth humble man who knows not only to talk but also to listen welcoming us.  His video interview will be coming in upcoming weeks in Chat on Bharat Marg for you to watch.

As we start the interview, we asked that most curious question that everyone will have..

How did you get your name as Elephant Rajendran?  Can you say us the story behind it?

As an annual activist I used to travel in Mudivalli forest in Nilgeris. And that day we saw an elephant that was injured in his leg and even puss was oozing and the tendon also came out. And the school going children requested to help the elephant. I tried to get help from the government and was not favorable. And I made a petition in the High Court of Chennai and bring the doctors from other countries to treat the elephant. 3 doctors came from USA, 1 doctor from Canada and 1 lady doctor from Switzerland and they treated the elephant for nearly 40 days .They took photos. It got cured.  It is only one male elephant in India without tusks. The news got flashed all over India and filed number of law suits for the welfare of the elephant.

In these circumstances I had a opportunity to meet the Principal Scientific Advisor Sri Abdul Kalam   and the Prime Minister Sri Vajpayee.  Sri Abdul Kalam who after became President of India has introduced me to Sri Vajpayee. And Sri Vajpayee appreciated my work towards the welfare of the animals, and told here after you will be an elephant man. And there after Elephant title got added to my name. Actually my name is G. Rajendra.   After the Honorable Prime Minister Sri Vajpayee gave me the title, my name got changed in Elephant G. Rajendra .  And it is changed in passport and gazett also.

Do you run animal shelter? Can you pl say about it.

I run the animal shelter at Machinagudi in enroute of Mudumali close to Niligiris with my friend. We are helping only abundant and injured animals if they lost their legs in accident even birds, monkeys and deer. In my shelter there are about 3 horses and 40 to 45 donkeys. They move along with people with compassion and attachment.  They never do any harm. We are maintaining it good.

How did you save cows from Temple scams?

In those days about 10 yrs back devotees in good faith and intension donated cows to the temples in Tamil Nadu. After 3 or 4 days these cows and cattle were sending to butchers home. These temples are controlled and run by HRNC dept. State Govt. of TN.  They auction them with in 3 or 4 days and usually it is a drama and the animals go to butcher’s hand. And finally I put petition before the High Court of Chennai and they banned the auction of cows that are donated by devotees to the temple. And there after the court ordered the temple authorities to hand over the cows, cattle to the Gosala or organization but not to auction. This order was passed by High Court. All the cattle related to the temple are saved from the butchers.


Stay tuned with Bharat Marg for upcoming episodes of interview with Hero Lawyer Sri Elephant Rajendran in coming weeks.


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  • Col V K Sharma , May 19, 2018 @ 2:24 am

    Brother Rajendra ,You are doing a wonderful work. Hope it to be emulated in our country on a larger scale and level. Only some enlightened intellectuals have to take lead/associate with this. Hope to see you sometime .

    • netultim2 , May 19, 2018 @ 7:57 am

      Very right Col Saab.. Pl watch out for Sri Elephant Rajendhrans incredible Interview coming up in upcoming weeks about the service he do no only for socity and animals but also for the Hinduism in specific is incredible. Yes he will be visiting Canada on a program to meet Indian Diaspora arraged by Bharat Marg soon. Will keep you posted. Jai Sia Ram

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