(Dravida Maayai) Subbu profile

(Dravida Maayai) Subbu profile

( Dravida Maayai ) Subbu’s Bio

Subbu as affectionately know in writing and political circles, Sri Ranganathan Subramanian author of Dravida Maayai, is a journalist with a rare combination of Inquiry, Intelligence, Education and above all fearlessness in pursuit of truth. His Dravida Maayai Stands as testimony to all these.

He had earlier worked in Samachar News Agency, Tamizahn Express, Tinamani etc. A good orator  not with a voice guttural but a sonorous softness that how ever, minces no words.  A voracious reader and prolific writer not only of the mundane politics but of science, literature and even on esoteric subjects. An acclaimed translator.  He has been instrumental in bringing out newer interpretation from unheralded young writers.

For Dravida Maayai, he had to spend more than five full years and lots of money and energy in searching for truth, authenticity.  There cannot be any library that he didn’t visit nor any book, be it history, economics , politics, religion, literature that he didn’t read nor any mile he didn’t tread to personally collect information to write his book which first came as a series of articles in TamilHindu.com under the title ” Pogap Pogath  Theriyum” a much acclaimed serial, no wonder it came in book form with further additions.

Dravida Maayai part 1 & part 2 have been published and the part 3 is getting printed.  The English version of the same is to be released shortly.  Other Books by Subbu are ThangaPa Thakkam, Thazar Putthakangal, Arunagiri Nathar.



I’ll be writing with my dear friend Sri Rajagopalan V ( v_raj_gopalan@yahoo.com ) without whose selfless service because of his passion for our Dharma. A Special Thanks to you Rajagopalan.

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