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As a community volunteer for the Jain faith and my strong belief and
involvement in Multifaith activities, I often tell people I learned
and keep exploring various philosophies of different faiths to better
understand spiritual & religious sentiments from their prospective . I
served as the president of Sri Jain Mandir, Toronto for more than six
years and a life time member of JSOT (Jain Society of Toronto). Both
are non-profit religious organizations, serving Jain Community at
large for spiritual and religious activities.
I am the recipient of the “Queen`s Diamond Jubilee Award “for the
community services in 2012.
I am actively involved in a variety of fund raising activities to
benefit seniors programs.
I also represent Jain community volunteering my time to number of
Multifaith institutions/organizations such as:
1. Ontario Multifaith Council- Served as Secretary / Treasurer (Board
of Director)
OMC on spiritual & religious care is a charitable organization
representing a wide range of faith groups in Ontario. It has its roots
in the field of chaplaincy, chiefly in the areas of correctional
institutions, hospitals and long-term care facilities. It provides an
effective liaison between the faith groups and the provincial
government. It is the advisor to the government on religious services
& spiritual care issues, standards and practices.
2. Campus Chaplains Association (University of Toronto)-Associate
CCA endeavors to serve the entire University community in a spirit of
interfaith collegiality. It seeks to develop relationship with
students, staff and faculty that are characterized by respect,
acceptance, trust, courtesy, forgiveness and compassion.
3. Peel District School Board – Committee Member for Multifaith
4. JAINA (Jain Federation of North America) – Vice President
I served as a Divisional Coordinator for five years with the CRA`s
Sustainable Development committee, promoting and educating the staff
(approximately 1500) about eco-friendly practices such as, using
proper recycling bins for paper, plastic, wet waste etc.



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