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We invite all to join hands with Bharat Marg in serving Sanatan Dharm, our community, Our religion and Our God. gives you one more way, you can do seva at your own convenience, from where you are at the time you have. We encourage different people with expertise in their field to write articles about any temple that need to be show cased and also write in detail about various Dharmic aspects of Santana Dharma and also about Acharyas or Gurus also. We promote any events happening in various parts and also publishing exclusive videos to make sure our children and youngsters learn more about our Dharma. Bharat Marg fearlessly exposes any Anti National / Anthi Dharmic activities and take it to the world… Bharat Marg also does special efforts in reaching out to our children and young adults to make sure they know about our Dharma as a way to stop the conversion. Any questions they have we try to answer it or take the help of experts to answer their question. At Bharat Marg we believe our children and these young adults are the future of our Desh and Dharma and if we don’t equip them, we may not have the community prepared for peaceful tomorrow and dharma based living. We request each one of our friends and well-wishers in the community by donating any money that you can on monthly basis and support our Research, Marketing, Shooting and traveling expenses. No contribution is small or big and we accept all that’s given with happy heart.

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Bharat Marg is working hard to reach out to 250K people every day with the message of Sanatan Dharma using FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. If you can share our messages with your friends/family/groups that can add immense value also. This way you will be playing the role of spreading the message. Also you can subscribe our One Dharma related message in WhatsApp now just by sending us a WhatsApp message to +1 6479644790 with your name and location to start getting the message and do make sure to add our number to your contact list in WhatsApp. You can also feel free to add this number to any whatsapp group if they will like to get our dharma message also. A great way to do perform Selfless Seva in your busy schedule. If we can do anything to help you to help others.. never hesitate to let us know.
Jai Sri Ram