Devotees Taxed and Abused at Ulahalandha Perumal Kovil (Temple) in Kanchi-Tamiz Nadu-Bharat

Devotees Taxed and Abused at Ulahalandha Perumal Kovil (Temple) in Kanchi-Tamiz Nadu-Bharat

Beautiful Ulahalandha perumal Kovil (Temple) is located in the heart of the holy city Kanchi. It is a beautiful temple with wonderful architecture, houses 4 Divyadesams – (Thiruooragam, Tirukkaragam, Tirukaarvaanam & Thiruneeragam) in a single temple.

The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Vishnu in Vamana Avatar. Huge deity and you have to literally look up to see the eyes and face of the God whose feet will be on Bali Chakravarthi head in the process of punish and remove his roundness and then purify him.

Being four Dhivya Desams in one temple, this Temple attracts lots of local an outside tourists who come from long distance in excitement of visiting this temple.  What I saw there something horrible.   A goon sitting at the entrance of the karpagragraha entrance in chair with the table, claiming to be from HRCE (HINDU RELIGIOUS & CHARITABLE ENDOWMENTS DEPARTMENT) Literally demanding money from the devotees to get entry into the sannadhi.

When people revolted, this guy and his friends act as goons and threaten to pay money to get a entry for dharshan or go back kind of talk.  When I stop the guy and ask for explanation, he was mentioning that the temple has no income (Far from truth) and many 1000s of acres of lands that belong to the temple has been stolen by the Government under the pretext of this ministry.

I think what these goons doing there by collecting the ticket for the temple built for the devotees by our ancestors is wrong and this should be stopped right away. Tamiz Nadu Hindu Munnani and other parties that have the interest of the devotees are planning to take this cause at hand.  We at Bharat Marg are talking to many politicians, activists and legal experts.

We are going to sue the ministry that manages that temple and taxes and threatens the devotees with the help of leading Hindu and animal and Dharmic activist attorney Sri Elephant Rajendhran. is very thankful to Sri Elephant Rajendran for agreeing to take this case and punish the Mogul raj of Tamiz Nadu legally and save Hindu devotees from atrocity.

Also we are going to start Sathyagrah against the HRCE Ministry of Tamiz Nadu that is involved in open loot from Devotees like the Aurangzeb Raj by going to temple and refusing to pay the entry fee but demanding the dharshan which we rightly deserve very shortly.

We at BharatMarg encourage each devotee at this time.  Don’t wait for the savior to come and fight these evil forces and enemies of our Dharma.  You are the Activist and when you see illegal things like this where all devotees are taxed for having dharshan of our own God.. Revolt.. Make issue.. More good people will start coming behind.  Only thing we should fear while protecting our Dharma from evil forces is Fear itself.

HRCE and the thugs think, if the devotees are taxed to pay their own God, then no one will talk against it and out of fear they will pay the money and have dharshan. Poor and local community people will slowly reduce and stop coming to this temple as they will be taxed for each entry.  At some point of time, the only temple in Bharat that has four Divya Desams in it will be deserted by devotees and can become the area were anti social elements can stay and do drug business and more. In the process whole temple will be looted.

Bharat Marg will urge each devotee; this is the time for you to become the protector of Dharma. Evil forces are out there and if we don’t unite and work and protect now.. We will not able to pass our Dharma and Sanskrithi to the generations to come.

No one other than Hindus gets taxed like this by the government to have dharshan of their own God. Not Muslims or Christians. This gives way for conversion too.  Time is now. Lets unite and fight against these evil foces.. Also Don’t put money in the hundi which goes directly to the hands of goons in the government.  Rather give your donations to the activists, who selflessly fight or our causes so that you and I can enjoy what rightly belong to us.   Lets save our temples.. Lets save our Dharma.. Lets Save our Sanskrithi.. Because that’s the only right thing to do. Jai Sia Ram.


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