Delhi #Kejriwal #AAP Govt. Treats Hindu-Sikh always as 2nd Class !!

Delhi #Kejriwal #AAP Govt. Treats Hindu-Sikh always as 2nd Class !!
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#Kejriwal Double game exposes.. One for them, the #PeaceFool Ones and second for Hindu-Sikh brothers and sisters.. !! See it to believe it !!

Bribing #PeaceFool Community from Tax money… And the Money taken from Hindu Temple Hundies !!

Nothing for Hindus-Sikh community !! Check this video and share with all friends/family/groups and expose.. Imams are getting rewarded to mobilize jihadi votes but Pundits and Granthis are left out conveniently..

Delhi Vote wisely.. we don’t need to be living like this and all can change tomorrow and we can get equal status and live honorably too..  Let the Lotus blossom tomorrow.. Let the Peace and Prosperity blossom tomorrow.


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