Darshan of Akshayavat in Prayagraj – The Indestructible Banyan Tree

Darshan of Akshayavat in Prayagraj – The Indestructible Banyan Tree

Akshayavat, the “indestructible Banyan tree” is located near  Patalpuri Temple at the Allahabad fort now called as Prayajraj.  Akshayavat or the indestructible banyan tree is a sacred tree. Similarly, Saraswati Koop is a well inside the Akbar’s fort under which the Saraswati flows. Our epics says on just having darshan of Akshayvat Maharaj.. all our sins disappear and we reach a state of no re birth..

An ancient and spiritually significant ‘Akshayavat (banyan tree)’ which was inaccessible for the past 450 years jailed by various Anti Hindu forces and ‘Saraswati-kup (place where River Saraswati meets River Ganga and River Yamuna)’ were opened for Hindu devotees at last this year during Ardha Kumbh for ever.

Ramayan Says, Sri Ram, Laxman and Sita Mata rested below the Akshayvat and pleased abundantly Sita mata prayed for immortality of Akshayavat and also took blessings from Akshayavat Maharaj for her suhag. Also our epics say, this holy tree is the Devtharu that was with Indira and king of devtas that fulfills all wishes.

‘Akshayavat’ is the ancient and sacred banyan tree and is situated on the banks of Yamuna in Prayag. The roots of Akshayavat (which is an abode for all Deities) go deep down till Patal (Hell region). The Puranas (The eighteen sacred Holy texts compiled by Sage Vyas) of Vayu, Matsya, Kurma, Padma, Agni and Skanda say that one attains Moksha (Final liberation) by sacrificing the body near the Akshayavat.

‘Akshayavat’ is a very ancient banyan tree which doesn’t get destroyed even after doomsday. ‘Maha Vishnu’ once in the form of ‘Bal Mukund’ holds ‘Saptarishi’, Deities and seeds of all plants for 6 months when the Universe is getting destroyed. He is lying on the topmost leaves of ‘Akshayavat’ at that time and formation of new Universe begins later, from these things. It is said that by having ‘darshan’ of and parikrama of  ‘Akshayavat’, person gets liberated for ever.

This Holy tree was destroyed 23 times by Mughals during their regime but still foliage sprouted every time after destruction. In the beginning of the 17 th Century, under the pretext of building a fort to protect the banks of Yamuna at Prayag, the Mughal emperor Akbar destroyed Akshayavat and the adjoining temples. He built ‘Ranimahal’ where the Akshayavat existed. After some time, the Akshayavat grew again in the fort. Akbar’s son Jahangir tried to burn it many times. He even placed a hot iron plate to destroy the tree from the roots; but the Akshayavat kept sprouting every time and again it acquired the form of a giant tree. The Holy text ‘Khulasat Utvarikha’ of 1693 testifies that Akshayavat sprouted again despite Jahangir chopping it off. Even today, the ancient tree stands with pride in Akbar’s fort on the banks of Yamuna. To prevent Hindus from attaining Moksha, the Mughal emperors banned its darshan. Later, the area was taken over by the British after Mughals where they set up army-camp and stopped Hindus from going there for ‘darshan’. And the fort was constructed in such a way that it enclosed the famous Akshayavat tree and the Saraswati Koop deep well.

After Independence, the security of the place was increased since it housed the weapons depot of the Indian army. ‘Saraswati-kup’ is also there.  Saraswati River meets Rivers Ganga and Yamuna at this place. The Governments which ruled this place never opened this place for devotees for ‘darshan’ and Hindus were kept deprived of such spiritual treasure for 450 years.

According to a famous legend, when a sage asked Lord Narayana to show him divine power, the Lord flooded the world just for an instant and then made the water disappear again.  However, during the floods while everything else drowned, only the top of the ‘Akshayavat” could be seen. The banyan tree is therefore considered to be an immortal tree. The fort is today under the control of the Indian army. However, people can visit the temple and the tree after seeking permission from the army center there only.  Only during Kumbh Akshayvat and Sarasvathi Koop were open for public even after independence of Bharat.

But after the current Hindu Nationalist Govt. Came to power both in Uttar Pradesh & Bharat as a whole, Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi and UP CM Sri Yogi Adhityanath have opened up for 11 months a year for the devotees to have darshan of Akshayavat Maharaj. We are blessed.. Thanks for our leaders who at last heard the cry of Sanatan Dharmic community and did the right thing by opening it up for dharshan. 450+ years before Independence of Bharat and 70+ after so called Independence now Santan Community is able to have dharshan and take blessings of this immortal indestructible banyan tree Akshayavat.

We pray to Akshayvat Maharaj that whomever visit and have dharshan and also those who read the glory like you and your family and friends all shall be blessed with heath, wealth, prosperity and peace.   Very are very lucky to have dharsan and also talk about Akshayavat Maharaj. Jai Sia Ram !! Jai Sanatan Dharma !! Jai Akshayvat Maharaj !! Jai Prayagraj !! Jai Bharat Ma!!


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