Congratulations & Thanks to Brave hearts of Bharat – Living Gods of our Nation

Congratulations & Thanks to Brave hearts of Bharat – Living Gods of our Nation

Pre-Dawn when the people of Bharat and the enemy nation and the guardian of terrorists were all sleeping.. Our brave hearts of the defense force didn’t sleep. We all lost our 45+ brothers and sisters of ours in an Islamic militant suicide attack at Pulwama in Kashmir. We all had the pain even after PM of India Sri Narendhra Modi had assured that revenge will be served.

Both the people of Bharat and the enemy nation harboring terrorist were sleeping sound and not our brave hearts, who flew into the enemy territory with one mission of sending strong signal to free this world from terrorism. They flew in to Terror(PAK)Istan which is the home of many internationally wanted terrorists. Don’t forget 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden was living a peaceful life there for 10 years and many others including terrorist Masood Azhar who was behind the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack and recent terrorist attack in Kashmir and more.
12 Mirage-2000 fighter jets pounded the camp with 1,000 kg of laser guided-bombs. The IAF response came in the wake of a fidayeen attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama on February 14 that killed 40 soldiers.

The pre-dawn operation, described as “non-military” and “pre-emptive” by Bharathia Govt., struck a five-star resort style camp on a hilltop forest that provided Indian forces with a “sitting duck target” and caught the terrorists in their sleep.

Dozen Bharathia air craft (Miraj 2000) jetted into Pakistan to the exact location of some of the largest terrorist camps that are being operated and flatted them along with the few hundred terrorists who were sleeping inside.
This was possible with the support and leadership of Nationalist Govt of Bharat and brave hearts of Indian Air Force and others in the defense of the nation. We want to thank each one of you from the bottom of our heart. You are the living Gods of Bharat. Thank you for putting your life and family in line so that we can have a peaceful and happy life.

Bharat Marg will request each one of our brothers and sisters who are for the peace and against the evil forces of the world to pray for the success and safety of our troops. What happened today is not the end but just a start. Let all of us pray for the safety and success of these brave hearts who guard our nation and the political leadership who is willing to risk anything for the safety of the nation and the world. As we speak we have LOC violation and firing happening in small level here and there around the border area. Maa Durga must protect our nation and these brave hearts in all the way.

Never forget the whole world is thankful to Bharat today as these terrorist camps were specializing with one motto to destroy the civilization in North America, Israel, Europe and Bharat. No wonder Bharat is gaining all the support from the world nations before and after this historic attack.

Big thanks to men and women in uniform and also the selfless civilian leadership of Bharat today. Thanks God we are blessed. We are proud.. We are exited.. Thank you !! Thank you !!


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