Christian Missionaries Attack Srirangam Temple !!! Are we in War?

Christian Missionaries Attack Srirangam Temple !!! Are we in War?

Recent developments in Srirangam, A small suburb of Trichirapalli (Trichi in Tamil Nadu, Bharat) known as Temple Island is very disturbing. Suddenly within few days too many Islamic men and women in their Saudi dress are seen.

Christian missionaries openly distribute pamphlets and Bible to patients in government hospitals and to shop keepers.. Now Suddenly many nuns are seen praying inside Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple…shouting and jumping …  We were told that, this was not done with prior permission as the temple authorities are silent when asked. Now the question is why this is done and why these nuns and others came to the worship place of Hindus where they are prohibited.

The issue dates back to 20 to 30 years. James Carton Newman Christian missionary student of Jagannath Achariar of sanskrit college first wrote saint Ramanuja poisoned his guru.. And this was not noticed those days.. The same thesis is the benchmark of all anti Vaishnavite and Sanatana Dharmic activities in Tamilnadu.

Thus has gone to the extent like Charuhasan the famous brother of Kamalhasan to make film like “ASATHOMA SATH GAMAYA”.   Nasty film which shows one entire village agraharam (colony where Brahmin community lives) getting converted.  The film is not shown in theatres but cd is circulated freely in St. Joseph College and all colleges in Trichy.

Now taking this one more step further, Christian nuns entered into 1000 Kal Mandapam in Srirangam during the Viruppanthirunaal festival of Arangan and prayed for their Dead jew on the wooden cross..

If we don’t fight now….we can never ever fight back! As per our reports, these preta Nuns first approached the Tamil Nadu HRCE (Hindu Ministry run by politicians of TN) first and said that they wanted to see the 1000 Kaal Mandapam…  HRCE allowed them… Once inside they took out their Rosaries and started to Pray.. Then after sensing the danger…the Nuns quickly dispersed from the 1000 Kaal Mandapam and went about their way as if admiring the temple as tourists…

Now back to Carton Newman … following his footsteps one Mr Deivanaayagam took biblical studies in comparison with Saiva siddhanta and Thirukural. Its long story we will see later.  Four years ago Mr. Deivanaayagam and co distributed Christian pamphlets condemning Swami Vivekanandha and they concluded that he himself is converted Christian.

When people of Srirangam protested in main road .. The anti-Hindu activities of these networks came to limelight. Ramakrishna mutt as usual suffering from senile dementia and diabetic coma never stood with our Hindu groups.  The issue was the first protest by any Hindu group against missionaries in Srirangam. From then till now slowly they are occupying Hindu places.. be it a shop.. or houses they propagate very cleanly.

Even now Raja Gopuram of Srirangam is surrounded by these groups only. Many shops around the temple tower are run by this Christian group also. All temple authorities and vested interest people are with Mr Venu Srinivasan (MD of TVS Motor Company) who is the board of trustees of the temple who is allowing all these things happen. No public notice or police security is seen inside or anywhere warning anti Hindu activities.

Philosophy of one God in vaishnavism is threat to Christians.  The works of Ramanuja and his sainthood is a blow to these groups.  Srivilliputhur issue by Vairamuthu is not separate one and this should be seen as a part of coordinated attack happening by Christian Missionaries in many of our temples. One sri Gopalayyangar wrote his magnificent work “Valluvarullam” establishing Thirukural as Hindu work and not Christian work as propagated by the Missionaries.

Amalasramam one church in kaveri bank is constructed in highly disputed land and even the service is not in their name. They try to imitate all functions of Srirangam and try to create unrest in public.  Finally dravidian hand.. Late CM Jayalalithaa gave false promise that after elections she will give land ownership to people living in Srirangam temple lands.  Even now many believe that they can get the temple land transferred in their name.

So Christians are encroaching temple lands and with Muslims they want to terrorize people minds. Lot to write ..being first article let us restrict to the timing of this issue.

For further reference kindly read 

Viviliyam saiva siddhantha oppaivu by Deivanayagam

Ramanuja is not myth but reality by Karudaswamy.

India oru christhava naade (India is a Christian Nation only).

Kovilozhugu collections. 

Ramanuja a myth not reality by Nagaswamy.. a thorn among our mind.  This book is result of that Newman theology. Sri Karudaswamy’s book is against this, giving point by point rebuttal. Read the book to know the cause behind missionaries and their works.

You believe or not, Santana Dharma is under attack and we live in a time of war… War by Christian Missionaries and by Muslims against Dharma and peace in the name of religion.  We shall either wake up and fight or get ready to live through the atrocity one more time.


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  • Natra Lakshmi Narayana Rao , May 11, 2018 @ 9:53 pm

    Because we Hindus are too much tolerant so christians and Muslims are playing with us,this can be changed only by becoming intolerant and attack who ever degrade our religion. Most of our Hindus don’t know what is Hinduism. Hinduism should be propagatedone among lay men. Jai Srimannarayana

    • netultim2 , May 11, 2018 @ 11:16 pm

      Agree with you totally. Jai Sia Ram

  • Kathiresan , May 30, 2018 @ 10:26 am

    It’s more than 70 Yrs since whites were driven out under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. It’s quite unfortunate to observe ‘white man’s god’ still remain here. It’s time to give a send off to white man’s god’ and replace it with Mahatma Gandhi Idols in their places of worship.

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