Canadian Interfaith Conference Or Canadian Abrahamic Hypocrisy?

Canadian Interfaith Conference Or Canadian Abrahamic Hypocrisy?

We got an email from so called the Canadian Interfaith Conference and it is pasted below.  Read carefully and then see our input from Bharat Marg on knowing how these Hippocrates run business in the name of interfaith and multi faith forums..

 Below is an email containing information about a conference entitled Our Whole Society organized by the Canadian Interfaith ConferenceThe conference themes are: Rethinking Identity, Addressing Extremism and Polarization, and Technology, Values, and Society.                                                               

There are three Plenaries. The Speakers for Plenary 1 are Nuzrat Jafri, Jonathan Hamilton-Diablo and Kofi Hope. For Plenary 2 they are Rabbi Adam Cutler, IHsaan Gardee and Anna Su. For Plenary 3 the Speakers are SadiaZaman, Tracy Trotter, Joseph Brean and Bourna Noureddin.

Very surprising to see that not even one Hindu speaker is listed in this so called Interfaith conference.. Hypocrisy here is leaving out one of the largest and oldest religion, Hinduism which is followed by billions of people.

These conferences are run with the tax payers money by showcasing some noble cause.. but the vested interests really run their own agenda.. Also when approached why the Hindu speakers are not there in the list, then the answer got will tickle you to death.. Here below we are pasting that response also here for the readers to see the height of hypocrisy.

Thanks for your email. As you can imagine with a conference like this, as much as we strive to achieve a diverse program we will always come up short. Happily, the call for workshop proposals is open and we invite proposals from everyone. One of our criteria for selecting proposals is the overall balance and diversity of the program. Therefore, a strong application from a Hindu individual or group would no doubt be viewed favorably.

 This is not only funny but ridiculous.. Is this Interfaith conference.. or Abrahamic religious conference to push their own agenda while sucking the tax payer money is for the readers to answer for themselves..

This Hippocratic OWS 2019 PLANNING COMMITTEE has these people running this Abrahamic religious conference..

We are giving the email addresses of the organizers of so called Interfaith but Abrahamic conference organizers and will request the community to get proactive and send email to them and give your piece of mind to them as they fully deserve for this organized disrespect they do to Santana Dharma and Hinduism.,,,

We really want to know from the organizers of this public tax sucking conference.. Is it really a Interfaith Conference or Abrahamic religious Conference.. Hope they will shed the hypocrisy and answer.


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  • Arvind , December 13, 2018 @ 7:06 pm

    Dear organizers, do you know about Hinduism?
    The oldest religion on the planet, how you people neglecting our religion. I know when you listen the true message of Sanatan Hinduism your mind and believes change. “ Wrold is a one family ” that’s our goal. I know world have good chance to learn the basics principle of happy , healthy and peaceful life. This is our request to appoint Hindu representatives for this organization ?

    • netultim2 , December 14, 2018 @ 4:27 am

      Pl send the email of this message to the organizers of the event. Their emails are listed here in this post. and urge all your friends and family to do the same too.. Let them hear our voice. Jai Sia Ram !!

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