British Labour Party MP Debbie Abrahams deported – Enemies of India Welcome no more !!

British Labour Party MP Debbie Abrahams deported – Enemies of India Welcome no more !!
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British Labour Party MP Debbie Abrahams Attacked India on Article 370 to get Jihadi Votes was Deported from India during her visit. This shall ring alarm bell to all White Supremacists & Terrorist Sympathizers who are Attacking India for Personal gain will Welcome No More in “New India” !!

Canadian PM Jihadi Justin Trudeau swallowed the bitter pill ones during his visit to India in his first term. So we can assume he will behave more smart if he wants any business / investments from India at all.

Little town mayor from Brampton Patrick Brown, violated all the ethics of a guest when he went to India and tweeted from there his opposition to PM Modi and his Govt that was trying to save the persecuted minorities from bordering Islamic nations to please the Khalistani and Jihadi elements and still wondering why his trip to India was a failure and waste of Taxpayers money only. If his behaviour of talking stupid continues, he may not even get a visa to go to India no more and will not get the votes of the Patriotic Indo Canadians also.

All Khalistani MPs of Canada should be alarmed now.. You having a visa in the hand doesn’t guarantee your visit to Bharat anytime even though you may be having the visa in the hand any time. You can also get the same treatment like British Labour Party MP Debbie Abrahams and get deported.

Never forget, you are dealing with New India.. that is resurgent and walks on its own terms.. Message is clear !! Better to behave good than messing up for your own personal gain. Because end of the day you will be the only loser !!


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