Bhooloka Vaikuntam Srirangam !!

Bhooloka Vaikuntam Srirangam !!
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Darshan of Sri Ranganatha is absolute way for Sarva Papa Vimochana !! When one have Darshan of Sri Ranganatha or think of and chant the name Ranga.. All the Alvars have told that our sin vanishes like it was never there.. !!

This Premier temple that is one of the very important of all 108 Divya Desams located in Srirangam near Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu of Bharat on the banks of river Kaveri was attacked and looted by Alauddin Khalji’s force and major genocide of those who stood to protect this temple took place.. Before his army was defeated and chased out.

Get to know about the ordinary heroes who made Khalji’s force run away defeated.. and all about Srirangam temple and the town and Acharyas who lived there and protected Sanatan Dharma and more in our upcoming video series. To know all about Srirangam and Ranganatha Perumal like Bharat Marg page follow us. Also to get the video series as part of our one Dharmic message every day.. Send a WhatsApp with your name and location with message to +1 647 9644790. Share this message with as many become the blessing in others life !! Ranga !! Ranga !!


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