Bhakta Kannappa – Story of Shiv Ji and A True Devotee !!

Bhakta Kannappa – Story of Shiv Ji and A True Devotee !!
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Bhakta Kannapa a friend of Shiv ji? How come? Not educated… Not from a privileged background.. hunter.. a meat eater… who was offering half cooked meat to Shiv ji as offering…. Was he a true devotee?

Check out this video know how easy for anyone with a clean heart & love and to become a friend a true devotee of Shiv Ji !! He became a poet and a singer with Shiv Ji’s blessings later and went on to be called as Kannappa Nayanar.

He became one of the sixty four nayanars who went on to spread the devotion of Shivji all around.. Check out the video for the incredible story of Kannappa Nayanar and share with all and spread the message of true devotion as taught by Shivi himself.

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