Ban on single use plastic – Clean & Green Earth – Vedic & Dharmic Way of living

Ban on single use plastic – Clean & Green Earth – Vedic & Dharmic Way of living
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HH Krishna Deshika Jeeyar (New York, USA)

Swamy Ji, who holds PHD in Nuclear physics and expressed in the field of Cancer studies.. before he to gave up all and took Sanyas (Sainthood) to teach the people the path of Saranagathi and Mukthi just by chanting the holly name of Narayan, talks about #ban on #SingleUsePlastic in India and how they harm people for generations for 1000s of years just because they never disintegrate / degrade into 5 basic elements that makes the earth and all living beings.
Swamy Ji also explains how the Santana Dharma and Bharatiya Sanskar always promoted bio degradable products for centuries and how we forgot our past and changed our Vedic way of righteous living  that taught us to honor and respect the earth, trees, water, air, fire and sky to impress others by adopting fast food culture of the west..

Check out this incredible video to know all about the importance of ban on Hazardous material, #SingleUse #Plastics and how our roots in Santana Dharma taught and promoted us for nature friendly life and a balanced way of living and what we should do really if we want to live a pollution free / disease free life. Lets leave a Clean and Green earth, water, air for our generations to come by following Dharmic and Vedic way of living.. Jai Sia Ram !!



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