Andal Nachiyar Abuse – Start of Hindu Revolution in Tamil Nadu

Andal Nachiyar Abuse – Start of Hindu Revolution in Tamil Nadu

Dravida Maayai Author Subbu

Explains.. How exactly Tamil Cine Song writer Viramutthu Abused Andal Nachiyar.. The Youngest and the only Female of the 12 Azwars and triggered the Hindu Revolution in Tamil Nadu.

Andal the Mother Goddess getting abused on most devoted month of Marhazi was that tipping point for the Hindus of Tamil Nadu to woken up and to shake things up and they certainly did.

Abuser Vairamuthu was provided a speaking and writing platform by one of the leading Tamil Daily Dhinamani. He also explains how the editor was forced and come to the shrain and fall on the feet of the Mother Goddess Andal Nachiyar for abusing his position and the newspaper .

This was a very spontaneous protest in so called the land of Nasthik.  Dravida parties for decades called this holy land of Azwars and Nayanmars as Nasthik land and brain washed the people of Tamil Nadu. But today they would have realized, that they cannot fool no more.

Subbu the Writer..Public Speaker and Hindu Activist..Explains exactly..Check the full video interview to know the course exactly how this protest started and how it took shape and which direction it is going and what this means to the politicians  and people of Tamil Nadu.  Watch..Comment..and Share..



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