1) Keep the article not less than 500 words and not more than 750 words for Google to recognise


2) Keep the article simple for users to understand even though they  may not be well versed with the subject.


3) Keep the article and language in a level where even an average user can understand.


4) Read your article one time before posting in word doc to make sure there is no spelling mistake / grammar mistake and is interesting for the user to read.  Because if you don’t find it interesting,.,user will not.


5) Have the subject of the article crisp and catchy and also attach any picture if you can find it relevant for the subject online.  We will take care of editing so no need to worry.


6) If you think your article will be more than 750 words then try to split into different small subjects and split the article and post as different article to make sure..the User doesn’t find it too big and boring.


Above points are generic and not specific. Pl implement the above suggestions and what ever needed in specific case to make the user is exited to read your article. We wish you all the best and looking forward to receive a great article from you very soon 🙂