Pradosham – Om Namah Shivaya !!

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Pradosham – Om Namah Shivaya !!

November 21

Pradosham is a bimonthly occasion on the thirteenth day of every fortnight in Lunar calendar of vedic tradition. It is a prayer offered for Bhagwan Shiv and Parvati Mata. The auspicious period is 1.5 hours before and after the sunset is one of the optimum time for worshiping of Lord Shiva.

On Pradosham fast, people observe Vrat from sunrise to sunset, then perform Lord Shiva’s Puja and end Pradosh Vrat. You can also visit Lord Shiva’s temple and perform Pradosh Vrat Puja during Pradosh Vrat. Post that, you can perform Lord Shiva’s Puja and can end the Pradosh Vrat.  During the fast, you need to take bath before the sunset Pradosham. . It is observed on Amavasya in Krishna Paksha and Poornima in Shukla Paksha. Pradosh stands for the twilight or the fall of the early lunar time (evening light basically). On this holy day, even the regular meat eaters avoid doing so and stick to vegetarian fasting food menu.  Hence, this vrat is observed commonly by the twilight or sandhyakal (Evening). Also feeding the Bull (Nandhi) during this day is very auspicious.. and you will be immensely blessed doing so !!

First you need to take a bath Conduct the preliminary pooja of Shiv family. After that ritual, now perform Lord Shiva pooja and evoke his energy in a sacred Kalash. Make sure to place the Kalash on darbha (grass) by drawing lotus on it. Also, fill it with water before starting the ritual.  You can also worship the Shivling during the puja.  Bath the shivling with milk, ghee or curd then offer bilva leaves which are considered highly auspicious during Pradosham vrat. Once you are done with the rituals, listen to pradosh vrat kathas and chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for 108 times as given below in the video. After that take the water from Kalash and apply the ash tilak on their forehand. You can also visit Lord Shiva temples It is said that people should light diyas (lamp) to reap more benefits from pradosh vrat. You can offer Shiv Ji the Abhishek of Milk Or Milk and Water & when the pooja gets over,then you can eat., but preferably, drink only Milk. If you want to eat, you can have Sabudana Khichadi,Thalipeeth,vade’s,Farali Chivad.

Story about Pradoshnam
According to Shiva purana, the devas and asuras churned the milky ocean,Ksheerasagar, to obtain the elixir of immortality. Lord Vishnu as a tortoise-kurma avatar, hold the mandara mountain on his back to prevent it from falling into the ocean and serpent king, Vasuki used to churn the mountain.

While churning, the serpent, Vasuki , was subject to extreme and intense strangulation, that it spewed poison or deadly venom called Hala-Hala. The venom caused great panic and distress among them. Lord Indra and other Gods sought the refuge of Lord Shiva in Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva was merciful for their pleadings. Nandi brought the venom by collecting it from the ocean, and Lord .Shiva took the poison and drank it. And Goddess Parvati knowing the danger of the effects of the deadly poison, rushed to Lord Shiva and by her supreme powers forcefully stopped the flow of poison by gently placing her hands at the throat of Lord Shiva. The hala-hala stopped at the throat of Lord Shiva and his throat became blue in color. And he was seen with eyes closed..One and half days passed by and in the evening of trayodasi on a Saturday, the Lord showed the signs of movement and woke up slowly and placed his arm around Parvati and mercifully glanced at all the Devatas.

And for the next one and a half hours from 4.30 p.m to 6 p.m, Lord Shiva performed the divine dance between Nandi`s two horns to heal Nandi of wrong thoughts, by his supreme grace, and he danced with his lotus feet and enlightened Nandi.
Pradosham or Pradosh vrat is considered by all as an auspicious day as it is believed that one can eliminate all his/her sins on this day. One can fulfill his/her wishes and desires on this day by fasting and praying to lord Shiva.


November 21

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