Who is this dude EVR Periyar DMK always pays patronage to? – Know the Truth

Who is this dude EVR Periyar? So called Dravidian Party #DMK calls him as father of Tamils.. Is he really? Know the truth !!

All #DMK MPs took oath on EVR Periyar name .. How come ? who is he? He married his daughter and called Tamil as a barbaric language and how come his his name these jokers were taking oath? That too in parliament? So one take oath in Indian parliament in the name of any pedophile, rapist and anti national who wanted to serve only British and requested them many times not to leave Bharat and go but continue to rule?

Funny and True !! Check out this video, Comedy done by the Tamil Nadu MPs showcasing this trash culture as civilized.. Subscribe for More updated news. We expose the vested interest that works against our Desh and Dharma !! Like, Share and comment and know the truth !!

Author: Narasimha on