Who are the Sikhs really? True history of Gurus & Their Teachings

Khalistanis & those Sikhs who consider they are not Hindus are mentally converted Christian & Muslim Sikhs says Mahant swatantra pal Singh katoch of sri mahant  vedic sanatni  vesnav sikh  sangat, Namdhari kuka samprdaya, mata bhagwati kuka shakti peeth gurudwara, Naamdharia Amritsar.

Guru Nanak Ji said he is in the ancestry of  Lav – Kush and Sri Ram himself.  Guru Gobind Singh Ji fought battle for Ram Mandir.  Mahant swatantra pal singh katoch Ji says .. Will not consider those who don’t worship Maa Ganga and Yamuna as true sikh..

Check out his fiery video interview for Chat on Bharat Marg while visiting to take holy dip in Sangam during Kumbh Mela..   Watch.. Comment and share to take the real history and teachings of Gurus to the world. Jai Sia Ram !!

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Jaljit Singh

You need to get your brain and history check