Tirupati Temple under attack by State sponsored Christian Missionaries

Head Priest Ramana Deekshitulu says it is all in Chat On Bharat Marg on how the Christian missionaries with the help of State Gov. competently controlling the Tirupati Temple inside out and loots money and destroys tradition while the concerned Hindus are sleeping.
When we will wake up and when we will act..?

Check this video to know the truth on how even Gods of Tirupati are deprived to destroy Santana Dharma. Check out this heart breaking insider video interview in Chat On Bharat Marg episode in BharatMarg.com. Time to act now !!

Author: Sounder Dilipan on

3 thoughts on “Tirupati Temple under attack by State sponsored Christian Missionaries”

  1. whichever the Government, they always appoint christians as TTD board chairman. I believe earlier Karunakar reddy, he was also a christian. we may have to pass a ordinance, that no other caste members should be appointed as board member or employees in temple. till that time, no Hindus will put single rupee in hundi. thats the only way I am thinking…

  2. Will never drop a pie in TTD going forward. Will drop the offerings in other Srinivasa Temple. High time that other caste members are removed from top post.

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