Sri Andal Nachiyar Story – Hearing this story frees one from all sins

Aadi Pooram is the birthday of Sri Andal who is one of the 12 Alvars (Greatest Vishnu Devotees) who ignited Bharat with one of the oldest languages Tamil by singing her immortal “Thiruppavai” . She is the only female out of 12 Alwars and she wrote immortal Thiruppavai at the young age of 6 to 7. Aandal written “Thiruppavai” is part of  Dravida Vedam “Nalayira Divya Prabandham” This is the living proof of the education of that time in Bharat and how women were treated equally or much more than men in Sanatan Dharma.

Sri Aandal is the incarnation of  Bhoomi Mata herself and took birth in earth as wish to thank Sri Vishnu who saved her the miseries from demon king Hiranyaksha. Check this video in English for the full story and share with your family and friends and be blessed.  Om Namo Narayana !!

Author: Sounder Dilipan on