Sikh and Hindus are same and kumbh is sacred to all – Mahant Sri Gyandev Singh Maharaj

Sikh and Hindus are one and the same the person who tries to divide are enemy of our Dharma and Desh says Mahant Sri Gyandev Singh Maharaj. Sikh Sampradhay Nirmal Panth Santh 13th acada in Kumbh Mela, explains all about the relationship between Hindus and Sikhs and how Sikh Gurus are connected with Prayagraj and Kumbh Mela from the beginning..

Mahant Ji explains, Guru Naanak Ji and Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji also visited and stayed in Prayagraj for Months doing dhan and thapas. Sri Guru Gobindh Singh Ji came into mom’s womb also in Prayagraj.

Mahant Sri Gyandev Singh Maharaj explains how Guru Gobindh Singh Ji sent five sants to learn vedas (Nirmal = Pure) and welcomed them back after studies calling them Nirmale.. as Guru Ji knows power without education is also useless.

A special thanks to Sri Malkeeth Singh Padham Ji (VP of Rashtria Sikh Sangath) for organizing this interview and meet.
Check this Video to know all about Sikh Dharm – Sikh Gurus – Relationship with Kumbh Mela.. Enjoy the video & Share the true teachings of Gurus.. Jai Sia Ram !!

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