Santana Dharma & How to pass it right to the next generation – Dr Devendra Mishra

In “Chat on Bharat Marg” Segment of Bharat Marg Dr Devendra Mishra who not only the professor in the subject he is talking about but also an Activist for Santana Dharma serving the community by educating people about Santana Dharma for few decades now talks here about why Santana Dharma and how to take it to next generation..

Also Dr. Devendra Mishra in this fiery interview goes on strongly to say how some time the so called religious leaders and the religious institutions like temples wanted distort the facts and dharma just to please the people and/or to make an earning.

He goes in step by step how the Dharma should be handed over to our generations to come properly and how to keep the younger generations interested to learn and practice Dharma.. Check out this incredible video interview. Check out this incredible video interview .. Share, comment .. discuss and debate. Jai Sia Ram

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