Ram Leela on wheels & Ravan Dhahan in Hindu Sabha

This Ram Leela on Wheels and Ravan Dhahan were hosted by the Hindu Sabha Mandhir on 20th of Oct. This temple holds a Dussehra program every year on the festival of Dussehra.  This year also the temple held the program, this one though was different. The Hindu Sabah Mandhir wanted to do let people know that no one is disabled.

Whole Ram Leela was performed by the special need children. Some were on wheel chair and some couldn’t hear and some couldn’t speak or see etc..  They were all the students of Miracle On wheels, the Bangalore based school.  it was just the best. There were a total of 4 performances.

  1. Ganesh puja (Dance Drama)
  2. Tandav nritya (Dance)
  3. Ram leela (Dance Drama)

The performances

In the Ganesh puja there were kids on wheelchairs doing all sorts of stunts and moves. Then there was rotation where the kids went rotating super fast on the wheelchairs. It was super. There were kids balancing on each other. When the Ganesh puja came to an end it was a bit like this. 3 people on the ground balancing 2 who were balancing 1 person who was balancing another girl on top.

Next came the tandav nritya. The music just made you to start running. It was really strong. It was so neat. I don’t know how I managed not to make a run for it.  It ended with a constant rotation at a way too high speed in the wheelchairs. It was really… well, really fascinating.  Also do remember, many of them dancing for the music were really deaf and could not here but were dancing for the musick with timing and practise..

Next were Ram leela and Sita haran. Actually I have no words to describe this performance except to say that it was amazing, superb, entertaining, and graceful and it made its point. It proved that no one in this world is disabled. Also I am leaving a link below. If you click this link you can see Ram leela and Sita haran.

Then came the most awaited part. Ravan dahan. The Ravan Puthla was burned with crackers for a long time. They lit up the sky and made everyone cheer. Then, that was it the program was over. We all went home thinking wow. That was the best program I ever saw. Jai Sia Ram

Author: Vaishnavi Dilipan on