Project Harvesting Canada – PM Justin Trudeau’s vote bank politics allowing Terrorist planing and execution from Canadian Soil

Operation Project Harvesting Canada a terrorist operation masterminded by Pakistani ISI with the partnership of Sikh extremists & Khalistani Terrorists to execute and disintegrate and destroy civilized nations happening right from Canadaian soil.

Is #LibTard PM Justin Trudeau crossing the line by allowing the Canadian Soil to plan..train and execute terrorists and terrorism to destroy the civilized world for petty vote bank politics?

As a Canadian Citizen are you ok with PM Justin Trudeau allowing the extremist elements to use the Canadian soil to destroy the civilized world? Check out this video for top secrete info about Operation Project Harvesting Canada and post and comment your feedback and share and expose the truth and true #SickUlar #PeaceFool #Libtards

Author: Sounder Dilipan on