Ontario Election Win is a Message to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and other selfish & Sold out politicians

Ontario, Canada went to elect Mr. Doug Ford as its premier from the conservative (Ontario PC) party. But this is a strong and clear message for the Liberals in Ottawa and especially to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.. No More double standard, No More Un checked illegal immigration of Muslims and encouraging terrorism by awarding and rewarding terrorists.

Message from Ontario will certainly echo in the chambers of Ottawa which is all busy in putting self-interest over National interest. Will they have time and urge to understand the message coming from one of the most populace province of Canada is something we have to wait and watch..

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did many unbelievable things to get sold out for votes and putting the national security in jeopardy with no care.  This will include things like..

Handing out $14M to the convicted terrorist

Welcoming Rapists, Murderers and Islamic fundamentalists into Canada unchecked

Making Schools as a political playground by allowing Islamic prayers

Treating Nationalist people 2nd class behind Terrorists, Separatists & communal vote banks

Scams, Ethic violations, High Taxes and much more

This Message from Ontario is not only to the leadership of Canada but to any leader around the world.. When you put Self Interest over on top of National Interest.. Then people who love the nation and peace and love will make sure that you don’t deserve a win or respect.

Liberal leadership has been trying to put Canada in the path of Europe..  Otherwise the most peaceful country Canada, in recent days had

Vehicles running over pedestrian incidents

Small to midsize bombing in soft targets by so called loan wolfs

Rape and molestations becoming common

And People rose to the occasion on their first chance to say enough is enough.  Hard working Canadians could see though these sell outs by the way they were putting their Core vote bank above all hard working citizens by the way

They created Double standard in the community

Islamophobia Bill to harass hard working Canadians

Islamic prayers in Public schools

Not paying well deserved veterans & hard working Canadian seniors but giving enormous hand out refugees and illegal immigrants who suck into the welfare system of the country.

Overcrowding the Health care facility to grab votes simply

Will Liberal party of Canada, Mr. Justin Trudeau and other leaders around the world will get message from Canada.. We are not sure. But one thing the selfish politicians who are ready to sellout the country for the votes can be sure is.. Your turn is next.. People are not ignorant to keep getting fooled by you.. Change or Pack & keep your bag ready to leave.

Author: Sounder Dilipan on

4 thoughts on “Ontario Election Win is a Message to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and other selfish & Sold out politicians”

  1. Very well outlined. I hope JT gets kicked out same way as Wyne. We need Conservatives on the hill and act as fast as they can. JT has changed Canada already. Worse to b seen after 20 years due to his 4 yrs.

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